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MoLight is America's Top-Rated Retailer of Godox flashes and LEDs. Popular products include the Godox AD200Pro, AD300Pro, AD400Pro, AD600BM and AD600Pro flashes and accessories, and all are offered at the lowest prices allowed in the USA. Couple that with America's best Godox warranty -- two years on all flashes 200ws or higher -- and unmatched customer service and support. We also feature our own proprietary lines of SNAP, GoMo, and DeepMo softboxes, and are the exclusive US distributor for Golden Eagle LEDs -- the best value in color critical LED lighting. Based right in the heartland of the USA and shipped quickly to your door. Free shipping on all orders of $500 or more. Founded and operated by renowned photographer Michael Mowbray, M.Photog., Cr.

Who manufactures the MoLights?

All of my MoLight speedlights and flashes are manufactured by Godox Ltd, a large and well-respected manufacturer of photographic gear based out of Shenzhen, China.  You will see the lights under different brand names, including Godox, Neewer, Flashpoint, Strobies, Bolt, Cheetah, and others.  Yes, these are the same flashes and they should all work together perfectly.  All of the MoLight modifiers are proprietary and manufactured specifically for us.

 So what’s different about MoLight?

Excellent question.  There are actually several very important benefits to purchasing from MoLight over other brands.

  1. I am a well-known working master photographer and this is the gear that I use.  I know it very well and if I can stand up the abuse of a full-time professional like myself, I am confident that will meet the requirements that virtually any pro can dish out.
  2. You have someone you can contact and talk to.  I’m not a faceless website based who-knows-where. My email is
  3. I am based right here in the good old USA. Place your order today and you will have your gear quickly.  No more waiting weeks for gear to arrive from sketchy overseas retailers. I stock the gear here in Wisconsin and ship using a major shipping service: UPS, USPS Priority Mail, FedEx Ground and Air.
  4. I go above and beyond offering products.  I also show you how to use these products via educational videos and tutorials.
  5. I personally test each battery and flash after they arrive from the manufacturer. This double-check on quality ensures that only the best gear arrives on your doorstep.
  6. I offer a 2-year replacement guarantee on flashes 200ws and higher, and one year on all speedlights.